Technical Writing – Types of Technical Stories

Technical writers in the start of their livelihood regularly end up confused as to what represents technical-writing at the first spot. You can find many unique applications for the new author and they may frequently discover not all those are truly”specialized”. Therefore for the newest professional following is a quick collection of some shared documents that they may be requested to create and exactly what they are for.

Background Reviews

Unless you work for the CIA it will not usually signify a record on a person and their lifestyle and customs. An history is typically a quick (1 or 2 web page ) analyze in to the application of the particular element of technology (such as instance the use of photovoltaic cells in solar energy power transport ). Normally these reports have been generated to get a certain (and spending ) viewers and also are singular inside their application in place of generic thedruge.

Education Sets

More popularly called user guides or manuals, these will be the staple merchandise of a number of technical author and self-explanatory. They are the”howto perform x, y and y” of a solution or assistance.

Feasibility Studies

These studies indicate whether project a specific project or undertaking will be potential or shrewd within a specific business atmosphere.

Advice Studies

This document is usually a comparison of two or more alternative activities a business might decide to pursue, having a definite recommendation which route is termed to be best at the moment.

Evaluation Studies

Here the technical writer can analyze the outcome of the particular project and produce a decision as to the huge benefits and return on expenditure. Frequently called appraisal stories, they’re a key area of the project life span and can educate future partnerships and projects.

Exploration Report

These are normally technological in character and also summarize that the results from the scope of tasks such as lab experiments or niche polls. The focus of those accounts is not just the outcome but likewise the methodology where the outcomes were generated.

Practical Specification Documents

This document is usually related to a brand new product or service and in particular applications. You’re trying to capture the full performance of the giving, in as much depth as feasible. Practical specifications are often dense and also a bad test of an author’s skill while they tend to deliver wordy descriptions which elevates each or any requirements.


A suggestion is a proposal for a undertaking, and certainly will encounter tens and thousands of pages for exceptionally intricate function. The writer’s occupation is always to create a platform on which the proposition could be assessed and can under usual conditions need to conform to legislative and industry instructions.

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